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Renko Chase a trading system for Metatrader 4

Renko Chase a trading system for Metatrader 4
Article posted By: Adminstrator on 2018/01/1 05:31 am

About Renko Chase Trading system:


Release Date : 2013 ( Since 5 Years  )

Trading Mode : Manual

Platform : Metatrader 4

Market Supported: All


A trading system is using reversal trading mode based price action, all trading is based on support & resistance, the begining of a signal is considered as the end of the opposite signal, So when potential SELL Signal appear that mean you should close BUY signal and collect your profit, then prepare yourself to check carefully the next trading conditions to get in new SELL order, this is the reverse trading software.


  • No Risk Trading System: Trading based on Price Behavior
  • Normalized For M2 Offline Chart, Time Factor is not concerned
  • Work on: Forex Pairs, Brent, WTI, Gold, CFDs, Futures, Stocks, Commodities, Indian Markets, Bitcoin, ETH
  • Notification in Real-Time by Sound, Pop-up Alert, Email, Push Notification for iOS & Android .
  • Two in One! 2 templates for Conservative Trading & Aggressive for Scalping & Day-trade


How to use ?
The main rule to use this system is synchronize your trading with the economic news to confirm that upcoming news will not be against the signal appeared by the system, to avoid get in wrong signal when negative news turns scales against your position, when you have a potential signal just ask yourself IF will the next news will support the signal given or Not, clear and easy.

Trading Modes:
For scalping and days trade we always recommend to use Aggressive mode, while you can use Conservative mode for Swing &long terms.

for better Conducting trade we suggest to follow the market insight By leveraging data that helps you better understand the true trend of markets and price behaviors, market insight digs deep below the surface to sucess your trade, a simple overview on TV, Business News, Sentiment, Events change the scales for you.


This system is available on :
Renko Chase | Renko Trading System